Welcome to my campaign website!  My name is Jason Pu and I am running for California State Assembly for the 49th Assembly District.  I am a business attorney who graduated from Stanford University and the UCLA School of Law and I have served on the San Gabriel City Council as Mayor and Councilmember for the past 8 years.

My family and I have made San Gabriel our home for the past 12 years and the place where my daughter has grown up and attended local public schools.  I love the San Gabriel Valley for its rich history, diverse people, beautiful neighborhoods and vibrant foodie culture.

I have worked hard as the Chair of my daughter’s elementary School Site Council and as Mayor and Councilmember for the City of San Gabriel to bring people together, serve our diverse families and improve our streets, sewers, parks and business community.

My parents sacrificed so much to give me and my brother a better life and I will do the same for our children and their children after them.  I hope you will take a few moments to learn more about me, my accomplishments and my priorities.

I am very humbled to have earned the trust and belief of community members from throughout the District and I would be extremely honored to earn your support and involvement as we work together towards a better life and future for the District!  Your support means the world to me and I will not forget it.

Very humbly yours,




Making housing affordable and accessible for all.

Education Blue Circle

Ensuring educational opportunities for all students


Providing access to high-quality, affordable healthcare

Environment Blue Circle

Meeting and exceeding CA's climate goals


Equity Blue Circle

Providing equitable opportunities. Addressing systemic issues